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Charm Bracelets And Other Bracelets

Rosa Interchangeable Charm Bracelets

Our interchangeable charm bracelets are called ROSA. We have included a range of charms for bracelets in this category which we think are most suitable for our ROSA bracelets but if you would like to see the whole range of our charms and pendants for ROSA they are here

Chains And Charms - How They Work

Choose your chain We have a range of chains that are suitable for our ROSA bracelets, or we are working on gemstone bracelets which are suitable for more special occasions.

Then add a sprung?ROSA RING This is our clasp for the bracelet which doubles up as a charm holder (it is in the clasps section). Choose our sparkly Swarovski Rosa ring to lend a touch of glitz to any pendant, or go with simple silver for a chic and clean look. This then?allows you to ?choose your interchangeable charms (see the charms section in the left menu) and enjoy a world of choice every day.

Not all our chains are available for ROSA bracelets. This is because, after substantial "road testing" we have determined that some chains are more suitable than others to take the weight of charms. You can see the full range in our Necklaces section.

We can't tell you what chains to choose, and ultimately will make you a bracelet in whatever chain you like, but we won't guarantee those chains for wear that we don't recommend. This is?ultimately because we want your bracelet to give you?years of service and? happiness so if you do want a chain not suggested for ROSA , please call us on 01636 611001 and talk to us first.

Bangles And Cuffs

We also have a range of bangles and cuffs. We always have silver cuffs in stock, but gold and gold plated bangles or cuffs are bespoke orders

If you can't find what you are looking for, why not ask us for a bespoke handmade bracelet - call 01636 611001 or email us for more details