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Interchangeable Charms For Earrings And Other Earrings

ROSA Hoops For Interchangeable Charms

Its always good to have earrings that compliment your other jewellery - so we designed a range of ROSA charms that can be slipped on and off our range of ROSA hoop earrings to fit your mood and outfit.

Our ROSA range is separated into to following sections:

Rosa Hoops

Our hoops range from small and discreet to bolder and bigger. The great thing is, rather than buying a whole new pair of earrings each time you want a change, with Rosa you can just buy a new drop. Or you can buy a new pair of hoops in a different size. It's your choice.

Charms For Rosa Hoops

Our charms are specially designed to fit the hoops - they just slip on and off so you can buy a pair pf hoops you like and then several pairs of charms to fit them.

All our charms are completely individual to us and are mostly cast from original vintage and antique charms collected from all over the world over many years. Many of these vintage charms are one off and hundreds of years old, so you will never see them in anyone else's collections.

The charms are separated into several categories:

Main Categories For ROSA Earring Charms

Silver Charms: The Silver category has all of the silver charms for ROSA hoops that we make. Some of these charms do fall into other categories as well depending on the meanings or sentiments.

Gemstone Charms: Similarly, the Gemstones category has all of our gemstone charms which are suitable for ROSA earrings. Again, some of these may fall into other categories depending on their meanings.

Other Charm Categories For Earrings

There are many meanings to charms, so we have tried to make it easy for you and have grouped them into sections so you can simply go straight to the sentiments or meanings that you are looking for with your charms.

Spiritual Charms: These charms have spiritual meanings and include charms which can be religious as well as those which are much older than most current religions and have deep spiritual meaning

Sea And Seashore Charms: This category contains charms which are influenced by the sea, have nautical references or are actually based on real sea animals or artefacts

And remember, whilst we show our earrings and charms here in silver, we can make both drops and hoops for you in any metal you desire - gold, platinum, or palladium. Just ask - your wishes are our command.