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White Jade Chequer Cut Heart Charm Pendant

Price: £22.50

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About the item

Jade is an ancient gemstone which comes in a rainbow of colours (both natural and dyed). White jade is traditionally known as " Mutton Fat" jade and has been consistently popular from neolithic times to the present day, and has over the last few hundred years traditionally been worn as a longevity charm, or a protector against injury or accident.

Aside from its possible lucky properties, these flattering, chunky white chequer cut jade hearts make a gorgeous fashion statement for your Rosa necklace, either alone, or with silver charms. Each heart measures approximately 26mm x 26mm. Aptly this heart is the stone for the heart chakra if you need to know !

All our charms and pendants are suitable for our Rosa Necklaces, however some are in our opinion are probably too big for Rosa Bracelets. This pendant is suitable for Rosa Necklaces, or any other appropriate necklace, but we don't recommend it for bracelets.

Length = 2.6cm (1.0 inches)
Width = 2.6cm (1.0 inches)
Weight = 13.5g
Stock Code: 40000794

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