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Sterling Silver Guardian Angel Charm

Price: £54.00

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About the item

The universal symbol of guardian angel is one with which we are all familiar. Our Angel is cast from a Victorian charm dating from the 1870s, and is beautifully detailed both back and front. Give it to anyone you feel needs a little guardianship, or gift it to yourself and feel duly guarded.

The concept of guardian angel is not limited to christian faith - they are cited in both christian and jewish texts. They also exist in the form of "those who follow" in the Quran in the form of guardian angel's who keep you from death until your time to shift of this mortal coil, so the term is not religous specfic

This is a perfect charm, for a student on a travelling gap year, a loved friend or relative who is ill, an excellent christening gift, a gift for a bridesmaid or a younger member of the family are just some of our suggestions - but let the angel be your guide as to who deserves it ! Our guardian angel measures 20mm long by 9mm wide, so is small enough to be combined with other charms on your Rosa (or worn on a bracelet if you wish).

OTHER METALS : This charm is available on the site in sterling silver, but can be made in gold, platinum or palladium by special order. It can also be Rose gold or Yellow 18ct gold plated by special order - please contact us for details and an estimate of cost

All our charms and pendants are suitable for our Rosa Necklaces, however some are in our opinion are probably too big for Rosa Bracelets. This charm is suitable for both Rosa Necklaces and Bracelets

Length = 2cm (0.8 inches)
Width = 0.9cm (0.4 inches)
Weight = 4.6g
Stock Code: 40001058

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