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Apple Charm Pendant

Price: £45.00

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About the item

The Apple - apples have always been heavy with multiple ambiguous symbolic meanings, from the obvious biblical connections to the eponymous "apple a day" idoim. So is the apple temptation or treat? The answer is probably not that which we equate with ancient history and the bible, but something a little less lethal.

Apples are associated with aprhrodite, the greek goddess of love, and with Gaia, the earth goddess, who handed them to Hera on her engagement to Zeus as a symbol of fertilty. In Athens, the sending, or throwing of apples became associated with courtship, and Nordic legends hold that the apple could hold eternal youth. Later celtic practices taught that apples were the symbol of knowledge handed down from ancestors.

Universally, It is widely held by academics that the apple tree and the virgin are symbolic, interchangeable features of the feminine "Self", and the apple itself is a symbol of the nourishment and growth of our knowledge of that Self. Untested, we do not put down roots, and develop and grow, but life tests us, and if we can gain roots and grow, we can become mature, nourishing to soul, Self, and psyche.

So ultimately what does that mean about apple symbolism? Self development, growth, fertility of body and mind ... take your pick. Or gift it to someone whose going to New York or loves it. Your apple or the Big apple - its your charm call. Our apple measure 23mm x 25mm

Length = 2.3cm (0.9 inches)
Width = 2.5cm (1.0 inches)

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