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Large Sterling Silver Star Anise Charm Pendant, 18ct Gold Centre

Price: £140.00

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About the item

Used extensively in Eastern cooking you may be familiar with the slighly aniseed flavour of the star anise, but perhaps not its form. Historically it was carried in its star form for luck, and placed under pillows to dispel nightmares, whilst its distinctive aroma made it perfect for burning as incense - the scent and presence of which is incedentally alleged to heighten psychic ability. Our Large star anise pendant is perfect for wearing alone as a good luck charm or with a tiny charm for layering. Cast from a real star anise pod, it measures 28 x 26 mm approx, and is cast in silver with an 18ct gold ball at the centre. Stunning in its organic simplicity, this lovely pendant is sure to draw lots of admiring comments.

Length = 2.8cm (1.1 inches)
Width = 2.6cm (1.0 inches)

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