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1930s Sterling Silver Scottie Dog Charm

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About the item

When I was small my family often played Monopoly and I always choose the Scottie dog as my (hopefully) winning game piece!. Growing up with a mother and father who had inherited lots of 1930s things, I was often faced with objects which featured what seemed to be a familiar 1930s motif - the Scottie. But how did it become so popular?

From the 1850s the Scottie seemed to be a popular breed; compact, robust and loyal they began to feature in literature, art and popular culture. By 1930 they were the most popular breed of dog in the USA, and the makers of Monopoly introduced the scottie dog playing piece in 1937. No one really knows why they feature so large in popular jewellery and decorative art of the 30's, but its easy to assume it was simply an extension of their popularity in the real world.

And Scottie popularity continues today. Our sterling silver charm, is cast from a 1930s charm, made of early plastic which was given to me by my grandmother, and for me is an enduring memory of childhood.

OTHER METALS : This charm is available on the site in sterling silver, but can be made in gold, platinum or palladium by special order. It can also be Rose gold or Yellow 18ct gold plated by special order - please contact us for details and an estimate of cost

All our charms and pendants are suitable for our Rosa Necklaces, however some are in our opinion are probably too big for Rosa Bracelets. This charm is suitable for both Rosa Necklaces and Bracelets

Length = 2.2cm (0.9 inches)
Width = 2.2cm (0.9 inches)
Weight = 12g
Stock Code: 40001088

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